November, 2018 “Quantum Computers – Python Library”

Quantum Computers – Python Library

November, 2018 “Quantum Computers – IBM Research Quantum website”

Quantum Computers – IBM Research Quantum website

November, 2018 “Quantum Computers – Quantum Devices on the Cloud”

Quantum Computers – Quantum Devices on the Cloud

April, 2018 “Greenville County Library System: Digital Learning for our Community”

UWIT Presentation 04-26-18

January, 2018 “The Advantage: A Fun Look At Inspiring Leadership”

UWIT Slide Deck 01-25-18

November, 2017 “Effectively Strengthen Your Personal Networking Skills”


September, 2017 American Credit Acceptance Presentation


March, 2017 Automating Your Data Warehouse

Automating Your Data Warehouse

February, 2017 Having THAT Conversation

Having THAT Conversation

January, 2017 The Internet of Things – What Your Business Needs to Know

Women in IT presentation

October, 2016 CRM for Small Business

Automational_Intro_Presentation_Final_2016 (Brief)

September, 2016 Data Visualization

Visualizations – UWIT

August, 2016 UWIT Women in Leadership Series: Part III

UWIT Women in Leadership Series-Part-3 E Austin

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June, 2016 UWIT Women in IT Leadership Series Part 2

June, 2016 UWIT Women in IT Leadership Series Part 2 Notes

April, 2016  UWIT Women in IT Leadership Series: Part I

UWIT Women in IT Leadership Series: Part I – Michele Branch

March, 2016  Fighting Back – Standing up to Fraud and Cybercrime

March, 2016 Fighting Back – Standing up to Fraud and Cybercrime

September, 2015  Big Data and Analytics – Do you need it? What is Hype and What is Fact?

Big Data and Analytics

June, 2015 Building Loyalty and Leaders with Millennials

Why the bad rap on Millennials June 2015 Tim G. Smith

May, 2015 Confessions of an Executive Coach

Confessions of an Executive Coach

Notes from Presenter (Elizabeth Kunze):

One of the women who was in the room that day (during UWIT presentation) asked me about how to manage communication and create better esprit du corps with virtual teams. She also asked about how to gage reputation with virtual teams as well. See following article:

NYTimes – Why Some Teams are Smarter Than Others:

While this article does not directly address the question posed to me during the presentation, the article does provide insight into how to leverage communication to help increase team engagement. And thereby also use communication to gage and even qualify one’s reputation with virtual teams. But as the article suggests, the communication must be proactive and objective driven.

I posted this article to several groups on LinkedIn, but NOT because of the women angle. I posted the article to LinkedIn, because I am always having conversations with my leadership development and coaching clients (who manage and work with virtual teams) about how to create high-performing virtual teams. This article suggests that the basic behaviors / practices used to create high performing teams are the same for in-person, side-by-side teams as well as virtual teams. (Fascinating!)

The more interesting response from many on the LinkedIn posts was, “well, of course, any team with women will have better communication than other teams“, with such comments came from male LI members. To which I had to respond and clarify that the women angle was NOT the reason that I posted the article.

A very important item to remember with virtual teams as I have read and heard from clients is communication. The number of communication messages is important, as well as the content. Frequent communication touch points with brief and concise messages (or talking points) seems to be more or most effective.

While long tomes or weekly / monthly meeting notes that go on and on seem to be least effective. Additionally, the team leader must set the tone that electronic virtual communication is important and that the expectation is that the team will read the notes to stay tuned.

1) Harvard Business Review (HBR) Making Virtual Teams Work:

2) Forbes – Four Keys to Success with Virtual Teams:

April, 2015 Bringing Agility to Your Life

UWIT Bringing Agility to Your Life

January, 2015 The Best Way to Predict the future is to create it

Upstate Women in Technology Presentation – 1-22-2015

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HIPAA Presentation

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Watson for Greenville UWIT 8-28-2014

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Introduction to Windows 8 – MTTECH

Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

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LinkedIn – It Starts with you

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Why Simulate

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Online Brand Success-Why Authenticity Now Matters to Google

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Taking Dys out of Dysfunction

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Be A Strong Dev Aug2013

UWIT Summer Social’s Fabulous Recipes!

We collected a lot of great recipes from our talented group.  Check them out and try a few.  We hope you enjoy them!

PDF file with member-supplied recipes: uwitsummer13

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