November – 2018 Follow Up

UWIT’s Lunch and Learn this month was on “Quantum Computers”.  Jerry Denman our guest speaker this month, is a Chief Cloud Architect and IBM Distinguished Engineer.  Over 50 years of advances in mathematics, materials science, and computer science have transformed quantum computing from theory to reality.  Quantum computers could one day provide breakthroughs in many disciplines, including materials and drug discovery, the optimization of complex systems, and artificial intelligence.  Jerry’s expertise provides customer requirements and competitive analysis to the IBM Cloud offering managers.  UWIT would like to thank Jerry Denman very much for coming to speak with us today.

November, 2018 “Quantum Computers – Python Library”

Quantum Computers – Python Library

November, 2018 “Quantum Computers – IBM Research Quantum website”

Quantum Computers – IBM Research Quantum website

November, 2018 “Quantum Computers – Quantum Devices on the Cloud”

Quantum Computers – Quantum Devices on the Cloud