August – 2018 Follow Up

UWIT would like to thank Nate Delanoy, Product Development, and Eddie Crawford, Sales Engineering, from Spirit Communications.  Cloud adoption has dramatically increased with today’s business operations. Companies can leverage cloud-based applications to help improve their speed of deployment, reduce operational cost, as well as simplify management.  Using sophisticated technology like SD-WAN stands for “Software Defined Wide Area Networking”. It’s a combination of “Software Defined Networking (SDN)”, which was created for use in cloud data centers, and “Wide Area Networking (WAN)” which is the network outside of your office (the Internet, or site-to-site networks like MPLS and Metro Ethernet).  Gives these two mentors the ability to work within the cloud infrastructure and help in today’s growing market place.  UWIT would like to thank Nate Delanoy and Eddie Crawford very much for coming to speak with us today.