November – 2017 Follow Up

UWIT would like to thank Elizabeth A. Kunze for sharing her experiences in “Effectively Strengthen Your Personal Networking Skills”.  Our Lunch group was excited to be included in such an experienced woman’s experiences to the success of learning how to Network.  Elizabeth’s presentation showed us that keeping a few things in mind can increase your success of wading the work forces networking field.  Elizabeth A. Kunze, an Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer with more than 15 years’ of leadership development experience working with clients. UWIT would like to thank Elizabeth very much for coming to speak with us.

  • Increase your comfort level in networking;
  • Explore ways to make authentic connections with network contacts;
  • Examine your network strategically to determine if, where and how you may want to take proactive action to modify your network.

If you all would like to look at her presentation we have attached it to the presentation tab here on the site. 

IMG_0700    IMG_0699

IMG_0698   IMG_0701