Having THAT Conversation

How do you handle conflict or a challenging relationship in the workplace?  Dealing with a difficult person’s behavior can really feel like a waste of time and zap your energy.  However, conflicts are an inevitable aspect of people working together. When conflict surfaces, you need to know how to identify and deal with it so that it doesn’t drain your energy, infect your whole life, and sabotage your effectiveness at work or in life.  In short, you need to know how to have THAT conversation. Learn how to communicate with an accountable and drama free message.

Join UWIT for lunch at City Range on Thursday, February 23, 2017. Register at www.uwitsc.com. Networking starts at 11:30 and lunch runs from 12:00 – 1:00. Pay $20 at the door.

Our speaker:
Amy L Robinson, headquartered in Greenville, is an executive coach and organizational consultant for high performing individuals, teams, and organizations. She is founder of Aspire Higher, women’s leadership development group coaching program for female talent in the workplace. Aspire Higher prepares participants for leadership and career development by accessing each women’s authentic strengths and hone essential leadership skills including negotiating, communicating, creating vision and strategy, and influencing. In addition to individual and group coaching, Amy is a facilitator and keynote speaker on professional development topics. She is passionate about creating gender-partnered leadership cultures within organizations. For more information about Amy and her services, visit www.AmyLRobinson.com .

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