June 2016 – Follow up

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UWIT was especially grateful to have Pamela Westbrooks, Vice President of Administration at Upward Sports in Spartanburg, as our speaker for this months’ luncheon.  A little background on, Pamela.  She has a BS in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina and is a Certified Public Accountant.  She joined the Upward Sports team in 2002 after having a career in manufacturing. On a day-to-day basis, she collaborates with multiple divisions on strategy development and implementation.  She’s a problem solver, collaborator, supporter and communicator.  Pamela also has 15 years’ experience in corporate leadership in not-for-profit and for profit organizations.  She is responsible for strategic planning for Accounting/Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, and Corporate Project Management.  During this month’s luncheon, Pamela led an interactive presentation on how humility and boldness go hand-in-hand and how to win in your organization and how to respond when your organization isn’t winning.  Personal experiences shared with the group attending was greatly received.