Financial System Entrepreneurs: Bringing Great Technology to Old Industry!

Financial System Entrepreneurs: Bringing Great Technology to Old Industry!

Consumer finance is like a lot of industries these days: burdened by inefficiencies that could be solved through a better use of data and technology. The founders of Credda, set out to build a company that leverages these to operate more efficiently and to automate and streamline many of the processes that hamper existing organizations. They envisioned Credda as a company that could adapt its software to any product, any regulatory change or any innovation in technology while leveraging the best in analytical approaches and data to drive better optimized decisions.

Our meeting will be held at City Range on Haywood Road on October 22nd. Networking starts at 11:30 and lunch starts at 12:00. Please register online at . Contact Jill Rose at 864-908-0105 for more information.

Credda, now 3 years old, is a startup consumer finance company headquartered in Spartanburg. They bring consumers fair and transparent financing to obtain goods and services. Their launch product is a lease purchase financing option provided in partnership with furniture and tire stores in South Carolina. Their platform allows customers to apply for credit directly in the store, get an automated credit decision within minutes, and obtain their goods the same day.

Our presenters, Bryce Senz and Mike Dugas, are two of the founders of Credda. Both have worked at various consumer finance companies. Bryce built the software platform using Ruby on Rails and Mike heads up the strategy and finances.

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